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... from a Chartered Financial Planner. Below are a selection of questions and answers as examples of how we may help.

Q: I have investments but I’m not certain if they are performing well or otherwise?
A: We can analyse your portfolio to ensure the underlying funds are performing well and match your attitude to risk.

Q: I have a capital sum. What investments are open to me and what are the risks involved in each?
A: We will consider your current financial and tax position before discussing the range of investments open to you to produce either capital growth or income, as required.

Q: I need to produce an income from a capital sum. How is this achievable and what are the options?
A: We will compare various investments that generate an income from cash deposits to equities, illustrate the likely income and discuss the risks associated with each option.

Q: I favour investing in cash but am frustrated by the current very low interest rates. Are there alternatives open to me without exposing my capital to lots of risk?
A: Yes, there are alternatives however these will involve risk. However, we will explain the various alternatives open to you and identify the risk associated with each so that you will understand and be able to make an informed decision.

Q: I am a higher rate taxpayer. Is it possible to take an income from my investments without losing much of it to tax?
A: Yes. It is possible to generate an income by using the tax breaks available from various investments. We can guide you to maximise the tax efficiency of your investments.

Q: My existing investment portfolio is not working. Are the funds into which I invest competitive? Why do they all seem to rise and fall in tandem?
A: We can consider your existing funds. Much may have happened to their management since you first selected them. We will also consider the correlation of investments within your portfolio, to try to introduce a measure of stability.

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