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... from a Chartered Financial Planner. Below are a selection of questions and answers as examples of

Q: I am worried about the effect of inheritance tax on my estate. What can I do about this?
A: There are several options to lessen the effect of this tax. We will discuss these and recommend those most appropriate to your particular case.

Q: I have existing investments that I would like to encash. However, I am worried about the tax I might incur. How can I minimise the tax payable?
A: We can consider your investments and plan a way to withdraw your capital in the most tax efficient way.

Q: I am in business with others. What would happen if one of my co-directors / partners died or became seriously ill?
A: You would have the problem of shares in your company being out of your control. We can advise on a way of covering each of the directors for this eventuality, providing capital to the family of the deceased / seriously ill director in exchange for the shares moving in to the control of the others.

Q: I have life policies that are not in trust. I understand that on death these will inflate the value of my estate and increase the inheritance tax payable. Can anything be done?
A: We can consider each policy and recommend a way forward to remove these from your estate, if possible.

Q: Should I be investing offshore?
A: Offshore investment can be tax efficient for some but needlessly costly to others. We will analyse your investments and financial position to advise you whether investing offshore would be advantageous.

Q: I would like to invest for my children / grandchildren. What is the most tax effective way to do this?
A: We will consider your plans and put forward proposals to achieve your aim in the most tax efficient manner available to you.

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